Carpentry Services

Carpentry Services

Kemora’s carpentry team is in house and works closely with the design team to increase the functionality of your yard with wood projects that go beyond the basics. We install pergolas, decks and planter boxes, but can also do custom projects.

Carpentry and structures might be the answer you’ve been needing for your outdoor space! Especially if you have the basic landscape elements in your yard already, but find that you can’t really enjoy using them for various reasons. We can create additional elements to complete and personalize your outdoor space. Wood structures like pergolas can block the sun while also adding an attractive structure to the space.

Carpentry encompasses a variety of other projects too. Our local carpenters create raised vegetable beds, custom window boxes, privacy screens, and can even rebuild your existing deck or relocate your deck stairs to make the space work even better for your everyday life.

Common Questions about Carpentry Services Answered:


Carpenters who work at Kemora have built pergolas, arbors, privacy screens, decks, custom gates, overhead door structures, custom window boxes, raised vegetable boxes, and much more. Ask your Kemora landscape designer for more information about carpentry projects and what they would recommend for you and your outdoor space.

A pergola is an overhead structure intended to reduce the amount of sun to the area. Many customers like to put pergolas over dining and casual seating areas to make the space more comfortable on hot, sunny days. Pergolas range in size and type from small and traditional to large and contemporary. They can also be used to hang lighting, curtains or gain privacy in some cases.

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