Hyde Park Mid-Century Makeover

Our designers took a tired, mid-century modern style home in Hyde Park and beautified the landscape to reflect the strong style of the home. Informal, prairie-style plants in a variety of textures and sizes, as well as outcropping stones help to establish layers and hold the slope of the front yard in a creative way other than just sloping lawn. A wider, more inviting entry staircase and landing allows the homeowners to sit and enjoy a view of the yard, and welcomes guests more easily.

Main Objectives



“Marisa gave us great ideas to transform our urban back yard. It feels ten times larger and much more accessible than ever before, and with low-maintenance plantings that will make our lives easier. The team who did the installation were great, and we hired them to come back for a spring cleaning and they did a fantastic job.”
JEn M.

Hyde Park Mid-Century Makeover